Must-have Bump- Friendly Amazon Dresses

Finding budget-friendly AND bump-friendly dresses is a challenge in itself, let alone flattering and trendy. I struggled to find a retailer that sold dresses at a decent price, that I could wear throughout my pregnancy and then, long after.

Let’s be real, wearing pants while pregnant is just not appealing. I found the best dresses on Amazon and literally got it in every color and pattern.

10 of our favorite baby items that we actually used and loved

Walking through the baby aisle or even searching on Google for baby registry ideas, can be overwhelming and stressful. You may ask yourself… Do I have everything I need? Do I have enough “stuff? Why are there 20 different types of bottles? Will this be the best thing for him/her? Well, let me break it to you, there’s no right or wrong answer. As long as your baby is fed, changed, and bathed, you are doing it right. Here are a few items outside of the basic bottles, diapers, wipes, etc that were MUST haves for us and will be items we can keep and save for our future babies to use. Click any image or item title to shop!

1. DockATot

The DockATot is definitely one of our top items we used the first few months of Kennedy’s life. We could put it on the bed, couch, floor, you name it. It snuggled her so well and kept her calm. It’s washable and they sell additional covers if you want to change up the look. It’s lightweight, so we pretty much took it everywhere with us. The price tag is a pricier than other baby items on this list but I promise it is worth every cent. It’s that good.

2. Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System

This trio system includes the infant car seat, base, and stroller. The infant car seat snaps right in the stroller. The canopy covers come in handy almost everyday on our walks. At about 6 months old we started using the stroller without the car seat. I love the size of the basket to hold toys and diaper bag. This version is a little more expensive than the basic versions but worth it in my opinion!

3. Baby Bjorn Carrier

If you’re anything like me you’re going to want to multi-task while holding your baby. This carrier was perfect from the very beginning. It is adjustable so both my husband and I could adjust it to fit our bodies. When Kennedy was a little thing, we had her face us and snuggle. She would fall asleep and nap while I was doing chores around the house. Once she was a little bigger, we turned her to face the world and she LOVED it. She just took it all in while I vacuumed, picked up, and just walked around the house.

4. Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow and Boppy Lounger

Support Pillow: Breastfeeding or not this baby item is a MUST have. We brought it with us to the hospital and still use it now to support her while sitting up. We used it to support while holding her and when she was learning to sit, she used it to spot her from tipping over. They have SO many cover options to choose from and there are Etsy shops that would customize covers for you.

Boppy Lounger: The Boppy Lounger was so great for her to lay in when she was a little older (not for naps like the Dockatot). There are also many cover options for this Boppy as well.

5. Fisher Price Sit-to- Stand Activity Center

The day your little one starts to rollover you are going to be looking for a way to entertain them while you’re multitasking. This activity center has been a lifesaver for us. It also helped our little one build strength in her legs. There’s also an insert that you can replace the seat with that turns the activity seat into an activity table. Super high quality too!

6. Baby Bouncer

Most babies love to be held and bounced! I love that the bouncer has a strap that holds them in and allows them to bounce themselves. Most have mobiles attached to them to play and entertain! We would even put her in the bouncer next to our desk and we would nudge the bouncer with our foot to keep her happy.

7. Summer Learn to Sit

YOU NEED THIS. We took the Summer Learn to sit EVERYWHERE. We set it on the couch (with supervision) and floor. She loved to be able to sit up and take in the world around her. We even took it to the beach so she could have her own beach chair!

8. Sit-to-Stand Activity Walker

We are so proud of our little one for pulling herself up to stand all on her own! We have this walker to thank because since she got it for Christmas it has been her favorite toy. It’s less than $40 and comes in so many colors.

9. Newborn to Toddler Bath Tub

How cute is this?! We love items that grow with your little one. From her first bath at home to now playing with toys this bathtub is great for the entire first year. This brand has multiple color options and there are a bunch on the market similar to this.

10. High Chair

Here’s the high chair that we chose! It folds for easier storage and all the cushions are super easy to wash!

Just some baby registry advice…

Also, just a side note & some advice.. when you go to register for your little one make sure you create a registry at EVERY retailer possible. BuyBuy Baby, Target, Amazon, and Babylist are ones I know that give you a free welcome bag/ kit when you set up a registry. They will send you a bag full of goodies and samples. Usually full of full size bottles, pacifiers, wipes, nipple shields, baby lotion, etc. Having multiple types for our daughter to try was so helpful and having a bunch of travel sized lotions and washes are great for traveling!

We personally created registries on all of those retailers and then transferred our registry to Babylist. If you haven’t looked into Babylist, you should! It’s pretty much a registry of all retailers and will actually show all retailers pricing so your gift-givers can shop multiple places and still be part of your registry!

My Postpartum Project

As most of you know, we opened an online boutique back an August and now I’m starting to blog. With everything we have going on with our new family and work, you all think I’m crazy, right?!

Let me give you a little back story.

The toll that pregnancy, labor, the fourth trimester, postpartum anxiety, and breastfeeding has taken/is taking on my mind and body was/is way more than I could have ever been prepared for. I joke and say this my “postpartum project,” but I’m not really joking at all. Trying to find clothes to fit my ever-changing body that made me feel confident, was a task.

Believe me, I know my body just created a human being, and yes, she is the greatest blessing for our family… I still just didn’t feel like ME. The boutique is not taking time away from my family, it’s helping my family in more ways than one. Not to mention, I was honestly sick of buying baggy clothes to hide my imperfections. I was stuck in my clothes comfort zone.

Our goal with The Oak Tree Boutique is to provide adorable options for almost every woman, with a price tag that won’t break the bank. We carry sizes XS-3XL in nearly every style we have. We want to give you unique and flattering options for all body types at every season of your life.

Whether you are a teenager, college student, twenty-something, thirty-something, forty-something, fifty-something, sixty-something woman, career woman, full-time working mama, stay at home mama, part-time working mama, fur mama, baby mama, grandma, great-grandma, size 3XL or XS or something in between, we hope you find something you can love that will make you feel confident and beautiful because YOU ARE.

To check out our new adventure, check out our site The Oak Tree Boutique and follow us on Instagram.