As most of you know, we opened an online boutique back an August and now I’m starting to blog. With everything we have going on with our new family and work, you all think I’m crazy, right?!

Let me give you a little back story.

The toll that pregnancy, labor, the fourth trimester, postpartum anxiety, and breastfeeding has taken/is taking on my mind and body was/is way more than I could have ever been prepared for. I joke and say this my “postpartum project,” but I’m not really joking at all. Trying to find clothes to fit my ever-changing body that made me feel confident, was a task.

Believe me, I know my body just created a human being, and yes, she is the greatest blessing for our family… I still just didn’t feel like ME. The boutique is not taking time away from my family, it’s helping my family in more ways than one. Not to mention, I was honestly sick of buying baggy clothes to hide my imperfections. I was stuck in my clothes comfort zone.

Our goal with The Oak Tree Boutique is to provide adorable options for almost every woman, with a price tag that won’t break the bank. We carry sizes XS-3XL in nearly every style we have. We want to give you unique and flattering options for all body types at every season of your life.

Whether you are a teenager, college student, twenty-something, thirty-something, forty-something, fifty-something, sixty-something woman, career woman, full-time working mama, stay at home mama, part-time working mama, fur mama, baby mama, grandma, great-grandma, size 3XL or XS or something in between, we hope you find something you can love that will make you feel confident and beautiful because YOU ARE.

To check out our new adventure, check out our site The Oak Tree Boutique and follow us on Instagram.